Sunday, November 30, 2008

Associate Partner - Insurance

Associate Partner - Insurance Ops Columbus OH 43701.

advantage term life insurance

Who is the rich man in the world ? Is it Bill Gates ? is it King Fahd ? is it George W. Bush ? or is it Queen Elizabeth ? None above are the rich man. The rich man in the world is the healthy man..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Benefits of Homeowners Insurance for Townhome/Condo Owners

I asked someone I know in insurance to write an article about Insurance needs for my blog. Thank you Stacy Shoenhair, an agent for Farmers Insurance for the below information!

News - QA: National Insurance rise

From April 2003 many Britons will have to pay more National Insurance. BBC News Online examines the implications. I pay NI but my mother is approaching retirement and earns only a little. Will she have to pay the extra tax?

Premium rates for Term Insurance

Dear Mr. Tan, My insurance agents are not keen to sell Term Insurance. They discourage me from buying term insurance. Their premium rates are not as attractive as those indicated in your FAQ. Where can I get good term insurance rates?

It seems the terms affordable and California Health Insurance are ...

It seems the terms affordable and California health insurance are an oxymoron. Californians continue to see health insurance premiums rise while benefits are reduced.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Texas Auto Insurance - What Can You Do to Lower Your Rates?

Texas auto insurance is a state need for all vehicle proprietors in Texas.